Radio Broadcaster, Drake University

Des Moines, Iowa from August 2014 to present day


I’ve broadcasted dozens of football and basketball games at Drake. I was also lead broadcaster for the Drake Relays and operate my own music show on our campus radio station. Ask me more, I love talking about my experience.

Skills Learned

  • Eloquence — appropriateness in a professional setting
  • Fluency — in sports and culture
  • Radio — Basic radio technology, as well as how radio stations operate
  • Punctuality — maintaining a schedule


Phonathon, Drake University

Des Moines, Iowa from January 2016 to present day


I work as a student caller for Drake, calling to update information and ask for gifts for the university.

Skills Learned

  • Professionalism — responding in difficult situationis
  • Pride — promotion of Drake
  • Personability — combining facts with a friendly attitude to encourage giving
  • Appropriateness —  in a professional setting


Associate Supervisor, Galaxy Youth Center

Grinnell, Iowa from June 2012 to March 2014


The Galaxy Youth Center is a youth program dedicated to allowing a safe area for kids to eat healthy, learn, and perform engaging activities.

Skills Learned

  • Supervision — Interaction with children (especially ages 5-13)
  • People skills —  (handling inquisitive or frustrated parents


Salary: $8.50/hr


Filmer, Grinnell High School Football

Grinnell, Iowa from August 2010 to November 2013


I filmed every football game during my high school career.


Skills Learned


  • Basic camera operation
  • Punctuality in times
  • Increased in-depth understanding of football




Drake University


I am halfway through my sophomore year at Drake University. I am a Broadcast News and Internet News double major, with a minor in Politics and a concentration in Leadership.


Grinnell High School


I attended Grinnell High School for four years. I participated in many activities, including debate, speech, theater, math team, golf, football filming, and Model UN.



  • Personable; excellent people skills
  • Intelligent; can easily adapt to many different situations
  • Punctual; was late to work exactly 0 times at the Galaxy and as a broadcaster
  • Dedicated; I greatly care about my jobs and who I interact with
  • Aware; I’m passionate about pop culture (sports, music, politics) — I have hobbies