PB #9: Meghan Trainor

note: originally published as an April Fools’ joke

Album Review: Meghan Trainor | Title

Every few years, it seems, somebody bursts onto the scene of pop radio and completely takes over with innovative music, creative lyrics, and deep melodies. We saw it with OutKast’s “Hey Ya”. We saw it with Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. And now we’re seeing it with Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”.

“All About That Bass” is a tour de force in pop, one that reinforces positive body types and fat acceptance. When Trainor sings about “skinny bitches”, she’s confronting women who treat their bodies well and knocking them down a peg. And when Trainer’s mother says “boys like a little more booty” she’s (rightly) reducing the strain a woman has on being comfortable with her appearance to how boys think about her. Queer women don’t even have to worry about their looks!

Don’t worry: Trainor keeps up her strong and carefully constructed feminist ideals at the forefront throughout the entire album. On the title-track of Title, “Title” (what a mouthful!), Trainor sings “You gotta treat me like a trophy/ put me on a shelf“. Women in feminism need to be shown off: your body is what’s valuable, not your mind or intelligence.

It’s rare to see such refined songwriting from such a young artist. It’s even rarer to see such unproblematic politically charged statements appear on pop radio. Hopefully Trainor will be around for a long time.

Score: 10/10



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